We understand that it can sometimes be a little confusing to know which plan is right for you. We’ve put down some additional information on this page to help you. If you’re still unsure, we’d be happy to answer your questions. Use the form on the Contact page of our website or call (800) 308 – 7137.

FundPOWER Basic

This Product is ideal for those who have their investments in their company offered 401k / Deferred Comp plans OR have a list of funds they would like to monitor (we call it a “Watchlist”).

You can manage up to 2 such portfolios for 401K funds per household OR create 2 “WATCHLISTS” of funds.  Each portfolio can contain upto 30 fund symbols.  Monitor the portfolio(s) as often as you like (we recommend once a month or at least once a quarter).  Each fund will have a Buy / Monitor / Sell indication based on fund performance.


Important: Based on the Buy / Monitor / Sell indication, you can rebalance your funds in the portfolio (trade through your own broker) to ensure optimization of returns at the acceptable risk level.  We suggest that you consider getting out of funds with a “Sell” indication as soon as they fall into that category.

Since funds offered within your 401k / deferred plans don’t change often, you can create the portfolio in your account once and monitor as often as you like.  However, if needed, you can change the funds in your portfolios anytime.

If for whatever reason you need to cancel your annual subscription, we will refund you any remaining full months of your subscription.

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