MYTH 1: High Returns Require High Risk …. BUSTED!
MYTH 2: Asset Allocation Is Important …. Not Fund Selection …. BUSTED!
MYTH 3: High Expense Ratios Are Bad …. BUSTED!
MYTH 4: Index Funds Are Better …. BUSTED!
MYTH 5: Hold Funds For Long Term …. BUSTED!
MYTH 6: Select Funds Based on Past Returns …. BUSTED!
MYTH 7: Select Funds Based on Morningstar Ratings …. BUSTED!

DISCLAIMER: The above results are based on using FundPOWER reports at the end of each quarter, to select funds for investing in the following quarter. The back testing excludes trading commissions, assumes reinvestment of dividends, active management, and quarterly re-balancing of portfolio. Actual results can vary based on available mutual funds, market conditions and specific strategy chosen for investment. Even while the FundPOWER method is based on dynamically optimizing risk-reward balance and minimizing risk, and is not based on predictions, actual returns of investing in the market cannot be guaranteed. We are required by law to state that past returns are no guarantee of future performance.

  • The results prove the power of FundPOWER! This graph is real! Not the typical imaginary graph that you see in industry advertisements!
  • The green graph shows the growth of a portfolio of 10 funds, at the end of each quarter.
  • Different funds were automatically selected for investment in each quarter, based on their FundPOWER ratings and measures for the PRIOR quarter.
  • The process is repeated for 57 quarters. The blue graph shows the growth for S&P 500 over the same period.
  • The average quarterly return of the FundPOWER method is higher than that of S&P.
  • FundPOWER does not use predictions or subjective opinions.
  • To learn how to use FundPOWER, click on “LEARN MORE ABOUT FUNDPOWER”.
  • The INSIGHTS and FAQ’S tabs destroy the myths, rules-of-thumb, and misleading information created by the industry. You will learn the most advanced way of managing your mutual fund and ETF investments. Successfully, easily and confidently!
  • You will have to spend no more than 10 minutes each month to see the latest FundPOWER report for your funds and 20 minutes each quarter to sell or buy some funds, but only if necessary. You can trade directly through your own broker. It is that easy!
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The Facts - Morningstar Ratings Don't Work

From Our Investment Experts

Morningstar Ratings can destroy your nest egg. Why? Because they just don’t work. The jury has finally announced the verdict! Read two WSJ articles “The Morningstar Mirrage” and “How WSJ Did Analysis of Morningstar Ratings,” both of October 25, 2017, and David Swensen’s NYT op-ed “The Mutual Fund Merry-Go-Round” of August 13, 2011. Morningstar says that their ratings are merely awards given to funds for their past performance. They are not designed to select future winners. They are based on past total returns. It is well known that past returns don’t predict future performance. Star ratings encourage investors’ behavior of chasing past returns. This is a guaranteed way of losing money! Morningstar ratings are inconsistent and misleading. 5 Star funds from one sector can have worse returns than 3 star funds from a better performing sector. 5 Star funds could give worse future returns than even 3 Star funds. Many 5 Star funds perform worse than their sector average in the future. There is conflict of interest. Morningstar makes millions of dollars by selling their ratings to the industry, which uses the ratings ONLY for marketing. They don’t use them to manage their own investments! Want more details, or have other questions? Ask us. Our investment experts will answer all your questions!

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